Awesome Day 1– #TheBentra

And just like that, here we are again. We’ve made another lap around the sun and 365 days have passed since last year’s first day of #30DayofAwesome. I regrettably opted out of the annual event in 2014, but baby, I’m back.

As a refresher, the premise of #30DaysofAwesome is simply that– Do something awesome everyday for 30 days and blog about it. The caveat is awesome should be something different to you, that you’ve never done before. It’s not a contest, it’s not a look at me, look at me selfie fest, it’s simply a time to get out of your comfort zone, do something you think is cool/unique for 30 days straight, then blog about it. Sounds easy, but it pushes you to get creative, step out of the norm and do something that might turn heads– All in the name of Awesome.

To kick things off, I’ve decided to start a blog about the Adventures of #TheBentra.

Cali Convertable

I’ve come into quite the situation here in SoCal. I am currently driving and riding around in this fine piece of man-made machinery. Now, many might look at this weathered, two-toned beast with narrowed judgement, but I see adventure and opportunity.

The Bentra came to me, or I guess I came to it, serendipitously. As an additional perk to my living situation, I couldn’t be more stoked. Yes, the car is missing a roof, but it’s a one-of-kind convertible that I get to drive all summer.

Though peculiar, #TheBentra is teaching me many things about myself and others and I’m excited to see how our adventures unfold.

Things #theBentra has taught me thus far:


This baby is older than you, and you can’t push her too hard. She starts up nicely and purrs like a fat, overfed cat, but she’s fragile. She doesn’t like to be pushed faster than about 45 MPH, (though she can get going,) and putts perfectly at about 35MPH. As a once “chronic speeder,” this new slow-go is good for me.


SoCal is stacked with stereotypes and many of them drive really, really nice cars. As I rumble up next to porches, maseratis and the like without a roof, people tend to stare… a lot. Given the lack of a back window, people easily peer in with their questioning eyes. Sure, the Bentra isn’t the fanciest and not for everyone, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder, eh?


I totaled my car last year, and going through rental after rental, sucked. In having the Bentra, I don’t need to jump straight into a new car payment and can actually take time to find a solid whip. Oh and did I mention she came included in rent to my house? Just added her to my insurance, and I can use her as needed. — Thank you Ben!


Driving this babe around is funny. It started to mist the other day, and all i could do was laugh…. Who drives an aged car sans roof in SoCal? I do, and I’m damn proud of it.

Welcome to the summer of #theBentra and to #30DaysofAwesome.  I’ll be posting all the peculiar experiences of both here.

Join us!

  ****The rest of my blog is a work in progress. It’s riddled with spelling errors, missing words, grammatical errors, and funky links.. I’ll fix one day…. 


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