#30DaysofAwesome Day 4– Quartz Mining/Bird Saving/Denver Surprises

I was in Colorado had just surprised my parents the night prior, so to get awesome for the 4th day of this grand adventure, I set out to my family’s quartz mine outside of 11 mile, Colorado and got down to business. I’ve been to the mine many times, but have never really tried my hand at mucking or collecting quartz, so got dirty and got the goods for Day 4 of Awesome.  I collected more Quartz Crystal, Rose Quartz, and Mica than one probably needs, but given its beauty and supposed healing energies, i couldn’t stop.


You can take the girl out of Colorado, but she’ll always have her mountain roots.

After collecting the quartz, my little brother showed off his climbing skills, and headed up the face of the rock. Just before making it to the top, he startled a baby bird, who leapt out of it’s nest and to the ground. We then focused on getting the bird back into it’s nest.

IMG_8778Tom and I climbed to the top of the rock where the nest was and got that little birdy back safe into its home. Awesome.

Following this adventure-filled awesome day, I had an amazing dinner with the family and continued to the surprise missions.

IMG_8788It was super fun to happen upon on amazing friends for a fun filled denver night.

IMG_8787day 4 of awesome— Success!


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