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#30DaysofAwesome Day 4– Quartz Mining/Bird Saving/Denver Surprises

I was in Colorado had just surprised my parents the night prior, so to get awesome for the 4th day of this grand adventure, I set out to my family’s quartz mine outside of 11 mile, Colorado and got down to business. I’ve been to the mine many times, but have never really tried my […]

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Awesome Day 1– #TheBentra

And just like that, here we are again. We’ve made another lap around the sun and 365 days have passed since last year’s first day of #30DayofAwesome. I regrettably opted out of the annual event in 2014, but baby, I’m back. As a refresher, the premise of #30DaysofAwesome is simply that– Do something awesome everyday […]

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Charging. Day 20– 30daysofAwesome

BOOOOSH. Downhill kicks ass. Downhill biking at Winter Park with the sickest crew ever– Day 20 of 30 days of awesome. Thanks to Eric for showing us a kick ass time and making it an awesome, unforgettable day. Also props to Guerrilla Gravity for hooking up the bike jerseys. Not Awesome? Well maybe this will […]

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