How do I know?

I know because it’s the way you hold me. The way you look deep into my eyes, and see deep into my soul. It’s the way we’re sillier than could be, and the way you smile ever so lightly at me.


Another Love

Another love?

Crystal Healing— Would you?


One must take care.. to really take care. -HH

Dosage: Second Summer by YACHT: Rac REmix

We’re as far away from Summer as we can be, yet I’m provoked to post this YACHT song remixed by RAC.

Can you stand by your love?

After push, push comes to shove?

Can you stand my your man?

After Shit, Shit hits the fan?

The lyrics are so simple, yet they take on a much deeper meaning when aligned with the beating tune and catchy beat. I love Yacht, and love this song right.


Dosage: Fools Die Alone?


“i woke up this morning, a funny taste in my head…… Something tastes different… maybe I’m not so young..”

I heard this song when rallying out of Aspen for yet another snowy adventure… it’s soulful, poignant and ever so enrapturing. The lyrics are straightforward, “fools will die alone.” It seems this is true, if we continually act without regard/arrogance to others and our surroundings, we shall die alone. The thought is rather bleak, no? But conversely, it’s encouraging to open to others, and not be a lonely asshole.

This song sings to me in so many ways right now. I happened upon it while trying to find the first song. It’s an interesting piece that uncovers a girl who is starting to realize that as she gets older, maybe she’s keen to letting someone else into her life, into the internal workings of her mind, into her soul. The thought of loving someone was once something she rejected, but as she ages, it’s becoming something she longs for. But she is prideful, and the act of showing true feelings is something she’s not quite ready to admit.

“What have I become, something soft, and really quite dumb… Cuz I’ve Fallen…. Fallen.”

I myself have gone through spurts of rejecting the outpouring of emotion to another, but as I age, (christ, 28 already?) I’m perhaps a tidbit more open to it.. Even if that means i’ve allowing myself to be “soft and quite dumb.”


It’s been a minute since I’ve posted Dosage, but i’m back and plan to post this column every Tuesday.

Stay Tuned..

So this is the New Year– 2015

Happy New Year! 2015. My, how time flies. As a New Year is upon us, I’m inclined to post a few pictures of adventures that helped kicked off the new year.

For 2015, i resolve to blog more, care more, do more, be more, help more, learn more, experience more, and be a better Heather. Cheers to making it all happen as best as I absolutely can!

IMG_6824IMG_6873 IMG_6849 IMG_6825

Take a chance….

I always fall for confidence and your compliments look good on me….

Take a chance ❤ ❤ ❤

Love and Timing, One in the Same?

“You don’t pick the person you love, you pick the time you love them”

True Love

Elite Daily recently posted a piece that says the simple truth about all relationships is, “the timing of all success relationships is what allowed them to work.”

This discounts fate and love at first sight as realistic factors for falling in love. While my ideas of romance don’t want to totally discount dreams that there is simply one person we’re predestined to fall for, I do agree that timing is essential in making relationships work.

In my last relationship, timing was for sure a big reason as to why it worked for as long as it did, and also a huge reason why the ending was so drawn out. Given I felt the timing was right to love, I held on and grasped to the frayed heart strings for as long as I could, even though the fire had totally gone out.

Though I don’t think there is ever truly a perfect time to fall in love, some times are more favorable than others. For me at this point, as I start drafting the next chapter, the last thing I’m looking for is love. Perhaps that’s  in chapter 5.

Read the full post from Elite Daily Here.

Photo courtesy of Wiki Common (I love this photo)

Dosage: Family by Catey Shaw

This song always brings a smile to my face with its soft melodic tune and nice catchy lyrics. It’s been just a year since I packed up all my stuff, moved to Jackson, and 4 months since I left Jackson for life on the road. I’ve just recently moved in with my sister in Aspen. This song captures my feelings as of late, and I’m so ever appreciative to be here. It’s a special time in each of our lives, one that will only last for so long, but one we can always remember it fondly, as we’re family.