Dosage: Iggy Azalea- Fancy & Clueless throwback!

This song is super catchy– Pair it with a throwback to Clueless and Iggy Azalea nails it!

Just after I found this video, I also stumbled upon a post from Refinery29 about an actual Clueless Reunion that just went down in L.A. The remaining cast members showed up and partied in ’90s garb just as they did 19 years before. Clueless came out seemingly a lifetime ago, so it’s funny to think that this cult classic proved so formative to my pre-teen years, and still holds relevance to this day. “Rolling with the homies… ”

Check out the Clueless Reunion post and pics from Refinery29 here.

Clueless Reunion Photo courtesy of Refinery29– ARAYA DIAZ/WIREIMAGE



Burning Man Beauty- A Gallery from the Desert

Burning Man is a spectacular event that I’m highly intrigued and mystified by. I have never been to this grand gathering, but my sister is a devout attendee. Every year she excitedly plans for it, then makes her pilgrimage Black Rock Desert every August. Upon her return, she regales me tales of the dusty playa and the creatures that transcend there. Each year, my interest grows with more intrigue… But I’ve yet to pull the trigger. I stumbled on these artistic assembles from last year’s burn from reddit user aprabhu86 and thought I’d share them here.

Could this be the year?

Photos courtesy of : aprabhu86

Vice News: Simon Ostrovsky on his Kidnapping in Ukraine

Simon Ostrovsky and Vice News are doing one hell of a job covering the conflict in Ukraine. While most all of other news stations are dithering around covering unnecessary news, Simon has been in the field documenting the current situation.

Things have heated to the degree that Simon was even kidnapped and held by pro-Russia forces for four days. He was targeted, captured, and beaten for being deemed a “provocateur.” He was ultimately released relatively unscathed and recounts the entire ordeal via the Vice video below. Give it a watch and subscribe to Vice News for all the latest on the conflict in Ukraine.

Russian Roulette is a fearless and unbiased report of what is actually transpiring in Ukraine. It’s a compelling, must-see.

View Here: Vice News

Stay tuned for our next piece on Dmitry Tymchuk, a self-proclaimed colonel in the Ukrainian army. He has been posting extremely interesting, though propaganda-fueled posts on his Facebook Page on which he currently has over 80k followers.

Is the “Sharing Economy” sustainable?

Businesses that offer the technology to rent, borrow, trade, host and/or sell items, goods, services, and basically anything you can think of are popping up all over the place. And they’re blazing with business.

Airbnb currently has over 300,000 listings world-wide, more than 4 millions stays to-date, and new hosts and users join daily. Uber is ubiquitous with services springing up all over modernized world. Currently, the smart-phone powered personal car service is valued at 3.3 billion. TaskRabbit, RelayRides, DogVacay, Liquid, Zaarly, and PoshMark are a few other share start-ups proving themselves in the growing market.  According to Fast Company, the P2P market is booming and on the way to being valued at nearly 110 billion.

But is it sustainable?

This sharing economy is doing a damn fine job of providing new benefits to users, while also enjoying enormous profits all along the way. But all that glitters, isn’t exactly gold, as the actual regulations of how these transactions are handled are murky and muddied in comparison to traditional businesses. Will their come a time when this newly revamped, tech-fueled free market crumbles?

Zachary Karabell, an author and money manager, recently published a highly intriguing and well-executed piece about this issue on SLATE.

Karabell offers insight into how these new businesses could/should be handled.

The only way that new models will avoid the snare of old-guard companies and ill-considered laws is for regulations and laws to adapt to new technologies and new business models, rather than be used as tools to inhibit them. Instead of indiscriminately challenging the Ubers and Airbnbs of the world, regulators should be guided by what is in the public interest. If Airbnb hosts are in fact illegally evicting disabled residents from their homes in San Francisco, authorities should hit back hard. But if new companies are simply creating models that provide more access to rides, more ease of facilitating travel and tourism, more ways of buying cars—all of which indisputably boost local economies—then our regulatory and legal system should embrace them, not impede them. The surest way to create a zero-sum world is prevent the efflorescence of models that unlock ever more economic activity. These upstarts are only the enemy of old industries if those industries fail to evolve.

Read the full piece on SLATE here: Requiem for the Middle Man

Here are a few other equally intriguing pieces on the rise of the Sharing Economy.

Fast Company: How Brands Can Win at the Sharing Economy

Huff PO: Share Economy or Bare Economy?

The Economist: Everything is for Hire: The Rise of the Share Economy

What are your thoughts on the Sharing Economy?

What experiences have you had with these companies? Good, bad, indifferent? Leave your comments, let’s start a discussion!

Dosage: Eple by Royksopp

I’ve always had the notion that everything and everyone is connected by some means or another. Whether it’s to the extreme that we all have lived or will live each others lives or simply at some-point we all will die,  I’m under the assumption that everything in our world is intertwined.

For today’s edition of Dosage, I came across a song I listened to often in college and when I first began blogging for GrindTV. It’s called Eple from the band, Royksopp. This video blew me away. It’s a collage of pictures in which everything fades in and out into one and other, showing that each picture is ultimately apart of the next in some dimension. The video depicts the sense of interconnectivity I like to believe in, set to a soundtrack that flows, drips, and puddles together, ever-so congruously.


The desert all to myself in the West Fork of Leprechaun Canyon

What does awesome entail? Diving deep into a canyon in this case. Our good friend, Brittany, recently experienced cayoneering for the first time and gets a shout-out in this interesting blog. Check ‘er out.

Canyonlands: Tales from Narrow Places

A selfie in the West Fork of Leprechaun Canyon. A selfie in the West Fork of Leprechaun Canyon.

West Fork of Leprechaun Canyon, 3AII
North Wash


We pull into the Sandthrax campsite just coming back from our descent of Woodchuck and Woody Canyon. As we come around the bend to our cluster of tents I scan for Mike, Cody and Eric. I am hoping they are back and celebrating from their descent of Sandthrax Canyon, an X-rated high stemmer that many say has one of the hardest crux’s of the Colorado Plateau. They are not there. Though we are hoping they would be back we are not alarmed. Brian and I discuss a plan of when we should start looking for them from the rim, with 2- 200 foot ropes in hand in the event we have to send them down a life line. We are still hours away from enacting such a scenario, giving me just enough…

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An Open Letter To Cowardly Guys



We recently stumbled upon this intriguing and relatable article on EliteDaily about that guy that vanished from the face of the earth without the small courtesy of communicating an inkling of his plan. Yeah, we’ve experienced this in varying degrees from several chaps, so it’s interesting others have dealt with the same.

It’s happened to many of us. You meet a boy; he’s cute enough, fun enough and you decide you just might like him. You go on some dates, get a little physical and text each other almost every day. This goes on for about a month or so and then, on some random day, you text him and don’t receive the usual quick response.

You think that maybe he’s just super busy at work. More hours pass and you think maybe he left his phone at home.
A whole day passes, and you figure that his phone must…

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Dosage: San Francisco

I just returned from an absolutely illuminating trip to San Francisco. It was extremely life-changing– an incredible experience. The best adventures are the ones we learn from.

Judgement: When does the good override the stupid?

Life is awesomely complex. Each day something new can happen, and we honestly have no idea how to ever predict what is next. Sure we can plan and plan and plan until our calenders bleed blue with dates crossed out for this activity or the next, but the awesome and also agonizing fact is that we ultimately have no idea what each day will bring.

Knowledge and acceptance of the unknown is a really powerful thing. It’s keeps us sane in times of overt craziness. It also can dictate our judgement. The way in which act when situations arise that we didn’t intend on, can make or break as people.

Just as I write this, I was called by a police officer who inquired about my involvement with an incident with a hit and run of a garage door at a hotel.

He let me know that my car was seen hitting a garage door, and that someone then exited the car assessed the damage and got back in.

The person that hit and assessed the door was me.

At the time of the assessment, I didn’t think there was much, if any, damage to the garage and figured it was just jammed. I had accidentally coasted into the door very slowly as I thought it would rise faster than it did, and accelerated too quickly. The fact that I was driving in snowboard boots and with a freshly casted wrist, while juggling a phone and shifting, also compounded my ability to drive safely and smartly.

At this point, I should have parked and let someone, anyone, at the hotel know of the situation. But I didn’t. I saw another car exit through the other door, so I followed the car and went on my way. I made a judgement call to continue on, and not own up to my mistake or deal with it.

Now fast forward day and a half later, a report has been filed with the police, the hotel tracked down my information, an the company that so graciously let me stay with them at the hotel is caught in the midst.

Oy. Where was my judgement in all of this?

I’m perturbed I let a situation, seemingly so benign, affect so many people. My negligence has now made issues for others, when all of this could have been easily avoided, or dealt with right away.

Now as the situation is seemingly spiraling into a bigger issue than it should, I am caught up with thoughts of judgement.

While we may have a glimmer of what will happen each day to the next, situations will ultimately arise in which we must exercise our judgement.

Why do we make decisions as we do? When does the good override the stupid?


Dosage: RAC– Let Go (Ft. Kele & MNDR (SIR SLY REMIX)

Sometimes you just have to let go.